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The Advantages of a Personalised Book and Why Children Should Read a Little Every Day.

  1. Reading stimulates the brain.

A book ­– a personalised book especially – has a very positive influence on your child’s development, stimulating the brain and increasing their cognitive abilities. The brain, just like a muscle, needs to be exercised regularly in order to stay healthy and to work effectively. Thanks to personalised children’s books, your child’s brain is stimulated as they find themselves in the shoes of the protagonist and experience adventures through the eyes of characters created by you.

  1. Reading reduces stress.

Personalised children’s books allow one to create situations and characters that help your child to relax after an upsetting event or a tough day at school. What’s more, personalised books allow you to completely adapt the story to the interests and needs of your little ones; a unique gift that will keep them entertained and help them to get over an argument with a friend or a bad result at school.

  1. Reading breeds knowledge.

Thanks to personalised books, you can choose a story that will put your child in previously unexplored situations and give them the opportunity to gain knowledge and learn about important values. Personalised books can be used to teach them anything you believe to be worthwhile or necessary for their development. They can even enjoy them with friends, aiding them in peer communication and giving them a way to learn together and in a fun way.

  1. Reading increases vocabulary.

Personalised books make it much easier to motivate your child to read because they are the protagonist. As a result, they have more of an interest in and are more excited about the adventures that unfold. Being emotionally invested means that they remember new words more easily and more rapidly, and also means that their range of vocabulary increases with every story. The books include words and events that might not be familiar to them in their day-to day life, so their vocabulary and ability to express themselves increases. The acquisition of new vocabulary in personalised children’s books equips them with a greater capacity to understand a foreign language. With this in mind, you can select the language you would like them to read in, thereby incorporating language learning with enjoyable reading time. It is important to take into account that a wide range of vocabulary and the ability to communicate is integral for school subjects as well as for the futures of our little ones.

  1. Reading improves memory.

Children identify with the protagonist more easily in personalised books because of their familiar name, physical appearance and characteristics. Their connection with the story is greater and long-lasting given that there is an emotional attachment to the events that take place. Consequently, their recall capacity improves considerably. By personalising the character and choosing a story that your child will connect with, you are making it easier for them to remember the amount of information present in the story: characters, events and adventures that take place, personal connections, values, etc. Exercising memory from a young age is very important, but it can also be challenging for young ones. When you gift them a personalised version of a book, you are helping them to do this and making the process much more enjoyable for them.

  1. Reading develops analytical abilities.

Children’s books encourage critical and analytical thinking. When you create a personalised book for your child, you choose the events and values you want them to be able to reflect on. You can guide them through topics you consider to be important and encourage them to analyse the behaviour of the characters, or the story and the consequences. Personalised books are a fantastic way to reference good behaviour, relationships and moral values. These kinds of discussions will be richer thanks to a better understanding which your child has acquired through reading.

  1. Reading improves focus and concentration.

Because we live in a society centred around constant advances in technology, we often find that ­– as a result of so many distractions – our children’s attention span is weakened or reduced. Yet we can offset this by reading. A personalised book captures a child’s attention much more easily than a traditional one, guiding them through the story. Changing the routine a little by designating 15-20 minutes a day to reading their favourite book with them, you will see fantastic results in their improved attention span and ability to concentrate.

  1. Reading improves writing.

Amongst many other benefits, reading frequently also helps with writing skills. In giving a child a personalised book, not only are you gifting them a quality book, but also one that is appealing to them and therefore will inspire them. The vocabulary, events and style of writing has a direct influence on their ability to express themselves and to be able to write their own texts.

  1. Reading is calming.

Relaxation is not only important for our hectic lifestyles, but also a key part of our ability to concentrate and our attention spans. Personalised books offer you a wide range of options whereby you choose the stories that will soothe your child and give them peace of mind. The books can also help children with behavioural disorders or prone to mood swings, having a calming effect on them.

  1. Reading is inexpensive.

Our personalised books are adapted to the needs of the reader at a fair, affordable price. After all, a good book is something that your child will return to time and time again, whether it is simply flicking through it, rereading it, copying illustrations or using it as inspiration to their already powerful imaginations.