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Building friendships with video games and books

Building friendships with video games and books

Today, the importance of video games and the number of people who play them are increasing. It is a hobby with which many children and adolescents spend their free time. The social aspect of video games is undeniable. Reading books is another form of entertainment, and although many believe it to be a less popular hobby than in the past, access to books in digital format has increased. In addition, Materlu encourages reading together about friendship for constructive interaction and for building friendships with video games and books.

Books Foster Friendship

Building friendships with video games and books is a very attractive way to establish relationships between people. A very important leisure activity today is reading, especially children’s reading. Reading could be considered a more independent and less sociable activity than video games, but it is still a good way to strengthen social relationships and build friendships. In Materlu, there is a selection of personalized books about friendship, as well as other books that can be customized to integrate different characters (friends or relatives). The goal of these books is to strengthen relationships. From Materlu, reading together is also recommended in order to create valuable moments with our loved ones and reinforce those existing ties. Shared reading creates lasting and priceless bonds and memories. There are some titles with clear messages such as Materlu’s Secret Broom, in which children are in charge of cheering up their friends and learning to deal with emotions. Reading becomes educational and fun at the same time. In fact, all of Materlu books are not only original, but also contain an important message. They offer the opportunity to customize the characters, making the story much more immersive.

Video Games Foster Friendship

Video games are a way to foster social relationships. You can always connect with other people and keep in touch with friends. Some say that for people who suffer from a mental or anxiety disorder, it is a way to interact with others when they are not physically or emotionally capable, allowing them to gain the confidence to do so in real life. They also offer the opportunity to meet and play with people from all over the world. A study carried out by Helen Cole that investigated social interactions in MMORPGs, concluded that these games allow to build strong friendships, through interaction and cooperation, where players work as a team to achieve the same goal. The possibility of meeting people from other parts of the world is also an advantage because it allows you to develop new social skills that may be convenient for future relationships. By putting oneself in another person’s place through a certain character, the player learns to be more open, to better understand others, and how to interact in different situations. A fun activity where you can play with other people, share the emotions of the game, and spend time chatting at the same time. Although this competitiveness can lead to rivalries, in the end, people strengthen their bonds by spending time together.

Video games can foster friendship in a number of ways, offering opportunities for collaboration, with friendly competition, and by creating meaningful connections between players. Here are some ways that video games can promote friendship:

  1. Online Multiplayer: Players can team up and play together. This can strengthen the bonds between existing friends and also allow new friends to be made while playing together and working towards common goals.
  2. Communication and Teamwork: Multiplayer games often require coordination and communication between players to be successful. This can foster the ability to work as a team and, at the same time, develop a greater understanding and empathy for fellow players.
  3. Friendly Competition: Competitive video games can be a great way to challenge your peers in a friendly way. Healthy competition can encourage players to improve their skills and share exciting experiences.
  4. Party games or social events: Some video games are specifically designed to be played in groups at social events or parties. These games can break the ice between people who don’t know each other well and create a fun and relaxed environment for socializing.
  5. Clans, Guilds, or Shared Connections: In many online games, players can join clans or guilds, giving them a sense of belonging to a larger community. These groups can provide a space to make friends with similar interests and share gaming experiences.
  6. Offline cooperative games: In addition to online games, there are many cooperative games for consoles or PC that can be played in the same room. Sharing the experience of overcoming challenges together can strengthen the bonds between friends.

It’s important to note that while gaming can be a great way to foster friendship, it’s also essential to maintain a balance between the time spent playing games and social interaction outside of gaming. Building friendships with games and books is an ideal way to do so, but friendship is not only nurtured through screens, but also through shared time outside the virtual world.


Building friendships with video games and books is a way to use are free time wisely. It is a time to establish relationships with others and to meet others outside our environment. Even solo hobbies like reading books and playing games are great ways to build friendships and improve existing relationships. The number of people who spend their time in these activities is increasing day by day, and despite the fact that the negative aspects are always addressed, the positive aspects are undeniable.