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Legal Conditions

When you purchase a book from Materlu.com, you are declaring that you have read both the Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.

1.Portal Ownership

Lurmont Entertainment S.L, (hereinafter Materlu) registered address: Ronda de las Sirenas nº 5, C.P 28221 Majadahonda, Madrid, C.I.F B88523469, registered on the Madrid Company Register, part 39999, page 124, inscription 1, sheet M-710681, email address: info@materlu.com.
Lurmont Entertaiment S.L is the owner of the web portal www.materlu.com (hereinafter Website) which sells stories and books, both printed and electronic versions, that are customizable by the user.

2.Purpose and general information

These General Conditions of Contract (hereinafter, General Conditions), establish the Terms of Use and Access to the Website for any user (hereinafter, User) and regulate the purchasing of products (hereinafter, Product) offered by Materlu through the Website by the User.
The use of and access to the Website by the User implies the acceptance of these General Conditions. Moreover, in order to purchase any of the Products offered by Materlu, the User must enter identifying data by completing an e-form, expressly accepting these General Conditions and Privacy and Cookie Policy. The User can contact the Company, in case of any doubts concerning the General Conditions, with the identifying data mentioned in paragraph 1.2 of these General Conditions.
This Contract may be issued in any of the available languages of the General Conditions on the Website, as requested by the User.
Materlu may at any time modify the content of the General Conditions. However, the User will be subject to the existing General Conditions on the Website at the time of purchase of the Products or when using and accessing it.
The User will be able to access these General Conditions using the link provided, where a printable copy will be available for download.

3.Website terms of use

Users of Materlu agree to correct and lawful use of the Website. Moreover, the User should refrain from using the Website for any illegal or prohibited intention.
The User must not use the Website for the following intentions:

  1. Acts that contravene the law, public morals or public order.
  2. Commit crimes or encourage others to do so.
  3. Send ads (“spam”).
  4. Introduce or share computer viruses or offensive material on the Website.
  5. Hack parts of the server or content of the Website.
  6. Make phony or fraudulent purchases.
  7. Any illegal or prohibited intention that may damage the rights of others.
The User agrees to provide accurate and truthful identity data.
The User declares that they are at least 18 years old and have the legal capacity to fulfill this Contract.

4.Other content

Materlu does not accept responsibility for the content of other associated websites not controlled by the Company. Moreover, it reserves the right to delete such content if by any means it recognizes that the associated website contains irregularities or commits illegal acts.
In the case of receiving reviews that violate or may violate the law, certain ethics or morals, Materlu reserves the right to reject or delete such comments.

5.Products on offer

Materlu will publish the following details of the offered products on the Website:

  1. Books, stories, templates for dedications, images and other suitable content for the customization and the creation of the Product by the User.
  2. History of the Product.
  3. Names of people who participate in the creation of the Product.
  4. The customized Product will appear on screen before purchasing.
  5. Selling price and available offers.

6.Price, currency and payment methods

All our prices include tax. Taxes are calculated according to the final value of the order and depending on the country of destination.
Payment can be made via Paypal, credit/debit card or Stripe.
The User agrees to provide all the necessary details for delivery and declares ownerships of the payment method used, with sufficient funds to cover the total cost of the order.:

7.Delivery of products

  1. Materlu will deliver the Products to the delivery address provided by the User during the purchase process, before payment.
  2. Products will be delivered within the estimated time indicated on the Website, depending on the chosen delivery service, and within a maximum period of 30 days from the date of order confirmation.
  3. Delivery times are approximate and the manufacturing time of the books may vary in some cases and in the case of unforeseen circumstances, which may result in delays, but always within the maximum period of 30 days from the date of order confirmation.
  4. If for some reason Materlu cannot meet the delivery deadline, we will contact the User to provide an update and a new date of delivery.
  5. We do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays or on local bank holidays.
  6. Delivery is complete when the User or authorised person acquires physical possession of the Products at the specified delivery address, and will be official with the signing of the delivery receipt. Before signing, the User must verify the perfect state of the product. After delivery, any risks that the Products may come into contact with will be the User's responsibility.
  7. If the User is absent and the delivery cannot be completed, the courier will leave a note explaining the reason for failed delivery and redelivery. If the delivery is not completed after three attempts, the order will be returned to Materlu headquarters. Once at our headquarters, Materlu will keep the book for 30 days and will contact the User by email to arrange a new delivery, for which the User will incur costs. At the end of this period, if the User does not respond to communications, Materlu will dispose of the Book.

8.Product guarantee

This MATERLU product consists of a story printed in 48 pages in full color. The clients can customize the product to their liking through the web editor, selecting the name and appearance of the protagonist. The final result will be a hardcover printed book, measuring 21x21 cm and weighing 0.495 kg.

In addition, you can include a photograph that will appear at the end of the story, accompanied by a dedication addressed to the child, as a special gift. Should the photograph contain people who are not the customer, the customer guarantees that they have the express authorization to use their image in the book, and that MATERLU will not be held accountable for any type of claim related to the use of these photographs.

Incuding images that are counter to our ethos of respect for children will not be allowed. In the event that an attempt is made to upload a photo with content that MATERLU understands is not appropriate, MATERLU reserves the right to deny the inclusion of the image in the story, to cancel the order and, where appropriate, to inform the relevant authorities.

Once the story design period is over, the client is provided with a preview of the story for the approval of its content, and later forwarded for printing. MATERLU will not be responsible for the content of the story, since it will have been expressly approved by the client after having been previewed on the Website before proceeding with the payment.

MATERLU products have a 24-month warranty from the receipt of the product by the customer. The guarantee only covers manufacturing defects (printing or binding errors, missing pages of the book, etc.) that manifested themselves during the period of validity of the guarantee.

In the event that the client detects any of these manufacturing defects, the client may contact MATERLU, indicating the defects of the product and sending us graphic documents where they can be seen. Once the damages have been evaluated by MATERLU, and as long as they are manufacturing defects, MATERLU will notify the client on the way to proceed in order to solve the problems. The solution will consist of the shipment of a new product to the client by MATERLU. The return costs of a product still under guarantee will be borne by MATERLU.

In the event that the product suffers any type of deterioration not caused by a manufacturing defect (such as damage due to impact; the action of the weather or nature -water, heat, fire, sun -; breakage due to inappropriate use of the product by the client, such as deterioration of the binding; etc.), the replacement of the product will not be covered by the guarantee, and MATERLU will not be responsible for the state of the product.

The Client will not have the right to decline the product (this is, you will not be able to return them without alleging any cause within a period of 14 days from receipt), as these goods are clearly personalized and made according to the client's specifications (customization of the story according to the client's instructions selected in the story configuration tool ).

9.Returns and refunds

Since the books are personalized and therefore exclusively created for each User, we do not permit returns or refunds. except in the cases referred to in the Guarantee paragraph of these General Conditions.


By using the Website, the User accepts that most communication with Materlu is electronic. Moreover, the User consents to the use of this electronic means of communication and recognizes that every contract, notification, piece of information, and other communication sent electronically by the Company, meets the legal requirements of being in writing. This will not affect the rights of the User.

11.Customer Service and Complaints

Any request for information or complaint that is deemed relevant, may contact Customer Service through the e-mail info@materlu.com. The Service will acknowledge receipt of the claim submitted by sending the corresponding receipt to the e-mail address to be provided to Customer Service to process the claim.

12.Governing law and jurisdiction

  • These General Conditions shall be governed by Spanish Law and apply to any issue concerning interpretation, validity or performance, without prejudice to the application of Community legislation and international treaties, where applicable.
  • In the case that the Contracting Party has the status of consumer, jurisdiction will be that established by the established law.