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Develop Social Skills through Reading

Develop Social Skills through Reading

Reading can be an excellent tool to promote the development of social skills in children. Although reading is an individual activity, it allows you to explore different perspectives, understand the emotions and experiences of the characters, and expand your knowledge about the world and human relationships. Now, we will explore the different ways children can develop social skills through reading.

Improve communication

If we discuss how to develop social skills through reading, the first skill to mention would be “communication”. Reading exposes children to different language styles, vocabulary, and forms of expression. By reading aloud or discussing books with others, children not only practice communication skills, but also learn to express their ideas and listen to others’ opinions.

Magic Legends

Magic Legends is a book starring your little one and her/his best friend. You will experience a journey through different scenarios and fantastic adventures, you will meet many different characters and you will face many challenges. Only communication and collaboration with your travel companion and with the other characters will allow you to overcome all obstacles.

Develop imagination and creativity

Although in this case it is not about how you can develop social skills through reading, it is worth noting that these other skills are in some way related. Reading stimulates children’s imagination and creativity. By immersing themselves in imaginary worlds and following the adventures of the characters, children learn to think more abstractly, to come up with new ideas, to put themselves in someone else’s place, to understand others, to solve social issues, and to imagine different scenarios or perspectives, which is essential for effective communication.

My Birthday in Wonder World

In this story, the protagonist receives a mysterious package for her birthday. When he opens it, he meets Sol, a harlequin, who leads him to Wonder World, where imagination comes to life. In this world, the protagonist will live every adventure thanks to the power of his imagination. Also, thanks also to the help of the harlequin’s company, the protagonist will understand and learn the importance of believing in himself to achieve his own goals.

Understand emotions and foster empathy

When children read stories, they put themselves in the shoes of the characters and experience their emotions and understand their feelings, motivations, and challenges. A wide range of human emotions and experiences are addressed. By reading about characters facing challenges and situations similar to their own, children can reflect on their own emotions and develop greater self-awareness. All of this helps them develop empathy and understanding towards others, which is essential for making more meaningful connections with others and building healthy social relationships in real life. Therefore, when we develop social skills through reading, it also means that we learn to understand the differences between others and ourselves. Indeed, the books often address social issues and offer reflections on human nature. By reading about different cultures, social backgrounds, and life experiences, children gain a broader understanding of diversity and individual differences. This helps children to be more tolerant, understanding and open to diversity in their social interactions.

The Secret Broom

In this tale, the protagonist travels with his/her best friend on a flying broomstick beyond the clouds, where Pronos lives, the troll who controls the weather. The poor troll is very sad, and because of this, it never stops raining. The two protagonists will do everything in their power to cheer him up, learning the importance of listening to others and their needs, and of being patient and kind to everyone who at some point needs help.

Problem solving and teamwork

To end our compilation on how to develop social skills through reading, it is necessary to mention two last points. In addition to everything that has already been said, many books explore interpersonal conflicts and challenges. By reading about the different ways characters deal with and resolve conflict, you gain ideas and strategies that you can apply in real-life situations. This strengthens their problem-solving skills and helps them better handle difficult situations in their personal relationships. Also, by reading in groups, such as in book clubs or in class, children learn to collaborate and discuss ideas. They work together to understand the story, share points of view, and solve problems related to the plot or characters.

Tandem Bike

In this story, three siblings live exciting adventures around the world together with their pet, a clueless hedgehog. During their travels, they help many other characters and work together to achieve their goals. Back home, they are left with wonderful memories and important lessons, such as help and teamwork lead to positive outcomes.


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It is important to emphasize that reading must be complemented by real social interactions and practical experiences. Children also need opportunities to practice and apply the social skills they learn through reading in everyday situations. Engaging in conversations, interacting with different people, and looking for opportunities to apply what you’ve learned from reading, will help them strengthen and improve their overall social skills.