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Transform your children’s lives with the power of reading!

Transform your children's lives with the power of reading!

In the digital age, reading may seem like an old-fashioned activity. However, the benefits of establishing a reading routine at home are countless and can have a lasting impact on your children’s development. At Materlu, we offer personalized children’s books to make reading a more engaging and fun experience. Want to know why and how you should encourage a reading routine at home? Read on!

Cognitive benefits of reading

Regular reading not only improves language and comprehension skills, but also promotes cognitive development. Children can expand their vocabulary, improve their grammar, and develop critical thinking skills through reading. Every time a child immerses themselves in a book, they are training their brain to focus, remember details and make connections between different pieces of information.

Social-emotional benefits of reading

Beyond cognitive development, reading also has significant social-emotional benefits. Reading stories teaches children to empathize with characters, understand their emotions and perceive the world from different perspectives. This ability to empathize and understand is crucial for social interactions and building healthy relationships.

Establishing a reading routine at home

Creating a reading routine at home can seem challenging, especially with the many digital distractions kids face today. But with a few simple tricks, you can make reading an engaging and anticipated activity in your home.

First, make reading a daily activity. Whether it’s before bedtime or after school, find a time when you and your children can sit down and read together. It doesn’t have to be for hours; even 15 minutes a day can make a difference.

Second, create a cozy reading space. Having a special reading nook can make the activity more engaging and special.

Third, personalize the reading experience. At Materlu, we offer personalized books that make children the protagonists of their own stories. This personalization can increase children’s interest in reading and help them feel more connected to the stories.


Establishing a reading routine at home can have lasting benefits for your children, helping them develop cognitively and emotionally. Through Materlu personalized books, you can make reading a fun and exciting activity, fostering a love of reading in your children. Are you ready to start the reading adventure? Explore our selection of personalized books today!