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Personalized baptism book

Capture the emotions of this baptism with a memory book as unique as your child!

Baptism Gifts

Are you looking for a way to capture forever that special day when you baptize your baby? This customizable children's book includes three gifts in one: a beautiful story about the sacrament of baptism, an album with your own photos, and a guest signature book. Customize your book so that your child can remember their baptism for a lifetime!

Personalised story - My baptism
My baptism

Capture this baptism forever with our memory book!

Protagonist: Baptized + Parents + Godparents
Age: 0-5 years
Values:Family, Faith, Christian love.
A super special gift

A super special gift

A personalised story is an ideal gift for children and adults, so original that it will become a lifelong memory.

Detailed personalisation

Detailed personalisation

The main characters have lots of configuration options, so that they appear in the book with the child's or adult's personalised name and exact appearance.

Books with a photo and a dedication

Books with a photo and a dedication

Write a dedication and upload a photo in jpg or png format and they will be printed at the end of the book. It's free and it looks great!

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Much more than a photo album of the baptism
Our personalized book "My Baptism" not only has space for photos of the most special moments of the celebration, but the child stars in an endearing story about the sacrament of baptism, reviewing moments such as the welcoming rite, the immersion in water, the anointing with oil, or the lighting of the Paschal candle.
Unique customizations for a unique celebration The main advantage of our personalized book about baptism is the possibility of personalizing it with specific information about the child and the event, such as the date and place of the baptism. In addition, you can customize five main characters, specifying the names and physical appearances of each one: the boy or girl who is going to be baptized, dad, mom, godfather and godmother. In addition, you can incorporate photos and personal messages from the guests, which makes the book a unique and intimate treasure.
Unique customizations for a unique celebration
Stories with values that awaken emotions
Books full of unforgettable memories
Explore the Materlu collection Explore our collection of Personalized stories for children and discover stories as unique and unrepeatable as your child. At Materlu, there is a book for every occasion: First Communion books, birthday tales, tales with the Tooth Fairy...and many more! Whether alone or in the company of siblings, parents or friends, the child will be the protagonist of wonderful stories full of adventures and emotions.
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Frequently asked questions

At Materlu we have a book about baptism specially thought, designed, and illustrated to capture the essence, the values and the emotions of the day of a child's baptism: My Baptism.

Personalizing the protagonists of the baptism is simple and fast, and you can preview the result on the fly, so that your baptism memory book would be perfect. Enter the names of the protagonists, choose their physical characteristics such as hair and eye colour, and add the photos you want. You can preview the entire book before finalizing your purchase.

Yes, in the book My Baptism you can include up to four photographs of the baptism and its protagonists. You can upload the images next to the dedication making the experience even more personal and special.

You can customize the names and appearances of the protagonists (the child, dad, mom, godfather and godmother), and write the date and the church where the event is held.

Yes, you can send the personalized book directly to the desired address. During the purchase process, simply add the recipient's shipping address.

At Materlu, we make sure to print your book at a print shop located near your shipping country. If we have a printing company in the country of destination, your order will arrive more quickly. Each Materlu story is unique and is printed exclusively for its protagonist, and therefore, its manufacturing will take approximately 3 to 4 business days. Also, the delivery time will vary depending on the country of destination and the selected shipping method. When you make your purchase, we will provide you with an estimated delivery date and you will also be able to track the status of your order online.

You can make payments using credit and debit cards, as well as with PayPal. Cash on delivery is not accepted, since each book is made exclusively for the protagonist.

We have different shipping methods (normal and urgent) with different prices. The shipping cost will be based on the destination country. Once the book has been added to the basket you will be able to see the exact cost of the shipment.

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